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Kasterborous Magazine Cover Art Revealed!

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan Tom MacRae, John Guilor and Dalek Building in Kasterborous Magazine Issue 1!First, we hinted about the Kasterborous Magazine. You scratched your heads.

Then, we told you what was in it. You dropped your jaw.

Today, we reveal the cover art. You will wet your pants!

We’re currently putting the finishing touches to what is clearly the most audacious Kasterborous project yet, and as you can see by the striking image on the right, one of the main draws and the one we’re most excited about is an interview by Elton Townend-Jones with his friend John Guilor!

Gracing the cover, Guilor - he voices the First Doctor in the new Planet of Giants DVD reconstruction - is one of those rarities, a Doctor Who fan who actually gets to play the Time Lord, thanks to his striking vocal abilities.

We’re still a little bit away from issuing a confirmed final run-down of the contents, but we can promise you convention reports, the first part of a look at the world of Doctor Who video games and even get you started on the path to building your own Dalek as we kick-off our enthusiast-centric In The Shed series.

You might even find a few words from some extremely famous time travellers inside…

To celebrate the release of this flipping ace new cover (you can tell we’re excited, can’t you?) we’re opening the project to pre-orders. As things stand this is a 50 page magazine, with some recent additions likely to push that total up.

As a result the following button is an opportunity to get in early with a low price purchase of just £4.99 (plus £1.99 package and posting).

Electronic versions of Kasterborous Magazine #1 will be made available, we’ll update you as to when and how these can be ordered.

Kasterborous Magazine is Coming - And It’s All About YOU

Ah, you loyal, wonderful Kasterborous readers. From time to time we make some mad hints, we tease you, and fortunately only about half of you email us asking what in the blazes we’re talking about.

It could be much worse, and certainly our recent hints about a Kasterborous Magazine have got quite a few people excited. But what on earth is going on? How can a website such as Kasterborous consider spreading its wings into a publishing project of this kind?

Kasterborous Magazine is coming...Well, it all started with a chat with Vworp Vworp! editor Gareth Kavanagh, who had long believed we could spread out into a magazine-style project. After much research and brainstorming, it struck me that there was scope for a particular type of article that was too in-depth for the website - not the sort of thing that you might consider disposable.

So, with this in mind, we set about creating a contents list for a potential magazine. I headed back down to Manchester to chat with Gareth, who was very enthusiastic about the format!

Because, dear reader, it may surprise you to know this, but there are several Doctor Who themed magazines and fanzines in production. From the obvious DWM all the way down to the smallest PDF fanzine, all manner of topics are covered.

But not quite like this.

What we have put together is, essentially, both a full Doctor Who magazine and a Doctor Who fanzine. If you like, it is a magazine about fans - so what better description could it have than “fanzine”?

Here, at last, is a sample of the contents. To the right, you’ll find a piece of James McLean’s concept art that will appear in the finished product.

Now, naturally we don’t want to give too much away, and one or two items are subject to change, but we’re pretty sure you’re going to enjoy:

  • In the Shed
  • Doctor Who and the Curse of the Videogames
  • Audio Club
  • Our exclusive Crash of the Elysium feature
  • A very special - and fascinating - interview
  • Recreating Classic FX
  • Plus lots more!

This is only a small sample of what is in store for readers of the magazine, the pricing and dispatch details of which will be announced at a later date.

We’ve also obfuscated some of the items above, which we’ll be releasing details on as we get nearer to publication.

As things stand, we don’t require any contributors for issue 1, only your support.We need you to share this news item, join our Kasterborous Magazine Facebook group and generally get as excited about this as we are!

We’re intending that this should be the ultimate bible for Doctor Who fans - rather than being a print version of the website you’re reading, it should stand on its own two feet, and this can only be achieved (we think) by reflecting the activities of fans, sharing what goes on in the worlds of Doctor Who cosplay, prop building, gaming, audios and books, live events and more!

Kasterborous Magazine isn’t about mimicking other mags - it’s about YOU.

We’ll have more details soon!