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Buy Your Own 4th Doctor Scarf From Forbidden Planet!

Buy your own Doctor Who Scarf for Authentic Cosplaying Fun!Are you not one of the few Doctor Who fans lucky enough to own a hand-knitted or extortionately priced replica of perhaps one of the most famous scarves in history?

Then fret no more! Now you can pre-order a replica of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf (his original, brighter one, that is) from the good folks at Forbidden Planet.

It’s 12 feet long - 13 if you have the tassles with it (neither are as long as one of the original scarves, which reached 24 feet long at one point!). You may want to use it to recreate those moments from the classic series such as when the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith tripped Eldrad down a chasm, or when the Doctor needed something to measure the length of a puzzle.

The scarf costs £49.99 and ships from 1st October, and we know it would make a nice Christmas present when that time of year rolls around again. Yours won’t be knitted by that witty little knitter Madame Nostradamus herself, of course, but it’s still a pretty nifty little number!

John Guilor: Man of a Time Lord’s Voices

John Guilor voices the First Doctor in the reconstructed Planet of GiantsThis week sees the DVD release of the 1964 William Hartnell story Planet of Giants. As you may know, this story was originally recorded as a four-parter but in order to add pace it was almost immediately truncated to three parts at the behest of Doctor Who creator Sydney Newman.

At the time the decision was made, the edited material was apparently junked, never to be seen again.

Until now (sort of).

One of the most anticipated, discussed and intriguing aspects of the DVD release is a special feature in which the story is once again re-instated to four parts, utilising existing footage, animation and the vocal talents of surviving cast members and modern voice artists.

But what about the Doctor? Who could possibly rise to the challenge of reproducing the idiosyncratic mannerisms of the great William Hartnell. It’s that man again, John Guilor (who we have previously featured concerning a project to animate Shada)!

Regular Kasterborous reviewer Elton Townend Jones has known Guilor for many years. Once we became aware of this, it was time to hide his fluid links and demand an interview with the jobbing actor and lifelong Doctor Who fan.

After all, it was only right that he should get together with John and find out what it was like to become the new old Doctor. Of course, it wasn’t the first time that this had happened…

[quote]”I had been recommended as a voice artist to (special features producer) Ian Levine by Toby Hadoke. Ian was, at the time, engaged in numerous private projects requiring the voices of several Doctors, some with us, some no longer with us. We worked together on various things for about eight months before Planet of Giants was mentioned. But during that time, I voiced six different Doctors.”[/quote]

For John, it was a massive learning curve, despite insisting that he could only achieve the first and fourth Doctors with what he considered “any degree of satisfaction. However, he was working for Ian Levine…

[quote]”Ian being Ian, he pushed and pushed me. I’m grateful for that, because he made me work hard and well outside my comfort zone, which is the only way you get good or amazing results. I had never thought of myself as an impressionist, and always hated stand-up routines by impressionists – but I guess I’m doing something different here, so that’s okay.”[/quote]

If you’re looking for a comparison, think more along the lines of Michael Sheen than Mike Yarwood. If you haven’t had the pleasure of Guilor’s abilities, we previously featured a showreel from his website, which you can catch again here…


Being able to actually “do” any of the Doctors is pretty tough as they all have very particular ways of delivering dialogue in addition to the vocal traits of the actors concerned. Comedian John Culshaw made his name with his Fourth Doctor impression, but on review, this is more of an interpretation, caricatured more towards the grotesque than anything approaching accuracy. John Guilor, on the other hand delivers a voice that could actually be Tom Baker in the 1970s.

[quote]I discovered quite early on that I could achieve a very convincing Tom. Now, as I get older, people often say ‘Christ, you even look like him’. I’ve been asked to ‘do Tom’ for the past ten years – although I avoided adverts and anything else that may upset the man himself![/quote]

Of course, being able to do something almost naturally isn’t quite the same as being asked to do it in front of other people and a microphone, especially when the other people in the room were present when the original lines were delivered. So how did John prepare for the mammoth task of playing the First Doctor opposite William Russell and Carole Ann Ford?

[quote]”By watching Hartnell episodes on a loop. The audio soundtracks were on in the car and I’d repeat lines, skip the CD back, listen, repeat, skip back, listen, and so on, before finally making test recordings – some of which even sent a chill down my own spine.”[/quote]

This is the tip of the iceberg from a fascinating chat with talented voice actor and occasional Doctor Who John Guilor. We’ll have full details on how you can enjoy the rest of this great interview at a later date…

Due for release on Monday, August 20th, Planet of Giants can be ordered from Amazon for £12.99.

(Additional words by Elton Townend Jones, to whom big thanks are owed!)

He’s STILL Number One!?

What’s this? News that some bloke called Tennant has beaten our Matt and Tom to top a favourite Doctor poll in the Entertainment Weekly magazine?

Have you gone mad, America? It’s been over two years now, don’t you think you should be getting over it…?

Seriously though, it’s come as a bit of a surprise but congratulations to David Tennant and the legion of fans who must have voted for the Tenth Doctor!

A huge 59% swathe of the vote was cast in Tennant’s favour, while successor and incumbent Time Lord Matt Smith took second place with 16%. Meanwhile the biggest legend in television Tom Baker came third with a not unimpressive 12%.

Christopher Eccleston surprised with 8%, while the remaining Doctors shared the remaining 5% share of the vote.

We’re not going to bore you with a poll right here and now, but what we would like to know is - who would you have voted for, and why?

(Via TennantNews)

Funky Doctor Who Paper Toys

Amazing new paper Doctor Who caricature figures

Once in a while a brand of Doctor Who merchandise comes along that’s just too… cute to ignore and with a new range of paper toys that includes monsters and different incarnations of our favourite Time Lord, that’s exactly what’s happened!

Ryan Hall has designed a tremendous range of handmade 3D toys for you to purchase that would make an ideal gift for any Doctor Who fan or, quite frankly, anyone with a love for quirky shelf trophies.

The newest range from Hall is of the Fourth Doctor, looking suitably moody and flanked by a Cyberman, a Dalek, a Sontaran and his missus the TARDIS. But the range doesn’t stop there; look a little closer and you’ll also see a rather angry looking Sixth Doctor with a rather bald Peri, Sarah Jane Smith in her Ealing attic, the Eighth Doctor in his gargantuan console room alongside an earlier incarnation of the Master, and the Eleventh Doctor (with a wonderful swirly thing emanating from his sonic screwdriver) alongside Amy and Rory.

Other incarnations and characters include the Seventh Doctor and Ace on the run from a very innocent looking Dalek, the Tenth Doctor (complete with 3D glasses a la Army of Ghosts), the Second Doctor at his beloved TARDIS console, the Third Doctor and Jo facing off against an Ice Warrior, the Fifth Doctor and Adric changing the events of Earthshock by facing off against a Cyberman together, the Ninth Doctor and Captain Jack standing outside an ominous looking shop window and even the First Doctor standing outside I.M. Foreman’s junkyard, where the whole story started almost fifty years ago. Now that’s a lot of hard work! They also come in some brilliantly inventive packaging as well!

Other popular characters from the He-Man and Star Wars Universe are also available. Ryan Hall’s work has been part of many a display, especially around the city of Cardiff in the Made in Wales exhibition.

To find out more about his work or to purchase one of his creations, visit: http://dougy74.wordpress.com/

PodKast with Style

[caption id=”attachment_34738” align=”aligncenter” width=”520” caption=”You too can dress like Jason Donovan!”]The Sixth Doctor Who, Colin Baker[/caption]

A little later than intended, this week’s Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”) turns its attention to the matter of the Doctor’s sartorial elegance (or in some cases, lack of…)

There isn’t a single incarnation of the friendly Time Lord who hasn’t raised eyebrows with his choice of attire. While some choices have been great, others have been… less successful, shall we say. Christian Cawley, Brian Terranova and James McLean have a right old chat about the situation in the latest podKast, concluding with a declaration of their individual favourite looks across Doctor Who’s 49 years.


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Oh yes you can!

PodKast with a Question

Matt Smith as the DoctorWe’re a little later than normal with this week’s podKast - but worry not, we’re here now to discuss (in our own unique manner) everything from the impending end of the DVD range (or is it?) to whether or not Matt Smith might star in Doctor Who for more episodes than David Tennant.

This week the crew is looking a bit thin on the ground, however, with only Brian and Christian taking up podKasting duties. Fear not, however, as their is plenty to get through!


Remember, we love to hear from our listeners so you have anything to say, please leave your comments below and we’ll discuss them next time. Alternatively, drop us a line via the Contact Us page.

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A PodKast in the Shada

One of the key elements of our Shada month here at Kasterborous is the podKast (with a “K”) in which we discuss the release of the new adaptation by Gareth Roberts, the original abandoned production, the attempts to remount with other Doctors, John Nathan-Turner’s clever use of Tom Baker to narrate it in the mid 1990s and ultimate the audio version from 2003.

We also try to get to the bottom of this fascinating question: if Shada had been completed, would we be thrilled by it as a classic?

Frankly, for a TV serial that was never completed there is an awful lot to talk about!


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PodKast with a Dark Dimension

Doctor Who: The Dark DimensionBack in 1993, Doctor Who fans were tempted with an early reprieve to the show’s cancellation two years earlier when BBC Enterprises entered into an agreement to start production on a straight-to-video 30th anniversary special, The Dark Dimension (aka Lost in the Dark Dimension).

Over the  years Doctor Who fans have been lead to believe that the eventually-cancelled project was scuppered by Philip Segal, producer of the 1996 TV Movie.

However recent research published in fanzine (a term that does the publication a disservice) Nothing at the End of the Lane reveals that Segal has at best overstated his role. The real story behind The Dark Dimension is one of bad decision making, poor budgeting and almost no communication with the key people involved, resulting in a production that almost literally crumbled.

It is this research that forms the basis of our discussion this week, along with a few words about the possibility of Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch playing the Master in the upcoming 50th anniversary season.


We’ve only scraped the surface of this fascinating story, and you can read the full fascinating details behind the failed production in the latest edition of Nothing at the End of the Lane, which you can order for just £5.99 from endofthelane.co.uk/magazine.html.

PodKast with a Fanboy Hope

Last wek we brought you the astonishing showreel of John Guilor, a voice artist whose recent work has including reproducing the voices of several former Doctors.

So amazing was this news that we naturally decided to dedicate an entire podKast (with a “K”) to the news and its implications (apart from the bit when we talk about Sophia Myles…)


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Right, here’s that great clip again of voice artist John Guilor. You can also catch it early on in the podKast.


A very big thanks, incidentally, to James McLean who kindly devotes his time to editing together our ramblings, adding sound effects and generally making sure the podKast is available every week!

Incidentally, we haven’t seen Brian since he went travelling towards the end of the this podKast - can anyone help?