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Buy Your Own 4th Doctor Scarf From Forbidden Planet!

Buy your own Doctor Who Scarf for Authentic Cosplaying Fun!Are you not one of the few Doctor Who fans lucky enough to own a hand-knitted or extortionately priced replica of perhaps one of the most famous scarves in history?

Then fret no more! Now you can pre-order a replica of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf (his original, brighter one, that is) from the good folks at Forbidden Planet.

It’s 12 feet long - 13 if you have the tassles with it (neither are as long as one of the original scarves, which reached 24 feet long at one point!). You may want to use it to recreate those moments from the classic series such as when the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith tripped Eldrad down a chasm, or when the Doctor needed something to measure the length of a puzzle.

The scarf costs £49.99 and ships from 1st October, and we know it would make a nice Christmas present when that time of year rolls around again. Yours won’t be knitted by that witty little knitter Madame Nostradamus herself, of course, but it’s still a pretty nifty little number!

Finally, The Rory Williams Action Figure!

Rory Williams action figure releasedShortly after Rory Williams leaves the show, fans can (finally) re-enact his adventures with an action figure for the first time!

The figure is based on his initial “life-preserver” appearance and boasts no trappings from his “Lone Centurion” alter ego. Something tells us that will be saved for a later action figure.

It’s interesting to note that the synopsis of the toy features no mention of his adventures past the end of Series 5. We wouldn’t mind this but it completely ignores the fact that he’s had a baby (who turned out to be River “spoilers” Song), left the TARDIS full time (temporarily) and had to condemn an older version of his wife to death…

Amy Pond’s fiancée who, on his stag night found himself whisked away in the TARDIS. After defeating the Saturnynes and the Dream Lord, Rory was killed saving the Doctor’s life during a battle with the Silurians. However, his body was absorbed by the time energies leaking across time and space – resulting in him never having existed. However, his essence was placed into an Auton replica of himself in Roman times and after briefly reuniting with Amy, he accidentally killed her. To restore her, the Doctor placed her in the Pandorica and for two thousand years Rory stood guard over her, the legendary Lone Centurion. When time was finally rebooted, Rory became human again, married Amy and once again joined her and the Doctor in the TARDIS.

What do we think? It’s hard to tell based on one picture, but this should make a fine addition to any fan’s collection. And at least it bears some resemblance to Arthur Darvill…

You can pre-order the action figure from Forbidden Planet for £8.99, and it will be released on October 5th.

Is This Toy a Spoiler?

 It’s unlikely, we know, but could this relatively innocent-looking toy be a major plot spoiler for Doctor Who Series 7?

Available from Forbidden Planet now (dispatch begins on August 20th), the Doctor Who: Electronic Q.L.A. Anti-Time Device is just £19.99. But spoilerphobes might wonder if that is a price worth paying for the following:
[spoiler title=”Anti-Time Spoiler”]

Doctor Who: Electronic Q.L.A. Anti-Time DeviceAfter the Doctor disappeared, the Cybermen and Daleks went to war across the universe. And on each world they destroyed they left in their wake, Stone Angels, picking over the dead and dying.

But the Cleric army fought back and scoured the dead worlds left after the wars, looking for the wreckage of Daleks, Cybermen, and broken Angels to create a hugely powerful ‘anti-time’ device. A device part Dalek, part Cyber technology and used the Quantum signature from the Angel to trigger a Gateway to pull enemies into the time Vortex…. Erasing them from Time completely.


What do you think - spoiler or a brilliantly conceived piece of back story for a basic toy gun? Don’t you just love the Cyber-handle butt?

Doctor Who: Electronic Q.L.A. Anti-Time Device

Two New Forbidden Planet Exclusives!

Forbidden Planet will release two new figures exclusively later this year: a post-regeneration Fifth Doctor in August, and a Genesis Dalek in December.

Fifth Doctor Who post-regeneration figure
The Fifth Doctor set shows Peter Davison’s incarnation shortly after regenerating in Logopolis, complete, naturally, with a rather fetching scarf. This look was exhibited throughout Castrovalva before he found his cricketing jacket (and stick of celery). The Master’s TARDIS – shown as the stone column that originally appeared in Logopolis - accompanies it, as well as a victim of the Tissue Compression Eliminator.

The set is due for release on 20th August for just £19.99!

And from the viewpoint of the Kaleds, the Dalek figure represents the very first of a new race, created by Davros. Or by Terry Nation and Raymond Cusick, if you prefer.

There are, or course, many Dalek sets available, based on serials like Destiny of the Daleks, Resurrection of the Daleks and Revelation of the Daleks. This latest addition (released on 15th December) comes from Genesis of the Daleks, originally released alongside the Fourth Doctor, Davros and one other Dalek – and still for sale through Forbidden Planet.

The metal menaces are due to return to screens this Autumn in Asylum of the Daleks, promising every single model from the show’s history. So with an RRP of £22.99 and a pre-order price of £19.99, this ‘retro action figure’ Dalek will be a perfect Christmas present for anyone who wants a bit of exterminating action!