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Kasterborous Magazine is Coming - And It’s All About YOU

Ah, you loyal, wonderful Kasterborous readers. From time to time we make some mad hints, we tease you, and fortunately only about half of you email us asking what in the blazes we’re talking about.

It could be much worse, and certainly our recent hints about a Kasterborous Magazine have got quite a few people excited. But what on earth is going on? How can a website such as Kasterborous consider spreading its wings into a publishing project of this kind?

Kasterborous Magazine is coming...Well, it all started with a chat with Vworp Vworp! editor Gareth Kavanagh, who had long believed we could spread out into a magazine-style project. After much research and brainstorming, it struck me that there was scope for a particular type of article that was too in-depth for the website - not the sort of thing that you might consider disposable.

So, with this in mind, we set about creating a contents list for a potential magazine. I headed back down to Manchester to chat with Gareth, who was very enthusiastic about the format!

Because, dear reader, it may surprise you to know this, but there are several Doctor Who themed magazines and fanzines in production. From the obvious DWM all the way down to the smallest PDF fanzine, all manner of topics are covered.

But not quite like this.

What we have put together is, essentially, both a full Doctor Who magazine and a Doctor Who fanzine. If you like, it is a magazine about fans - so what better description could it have than “fanzine”?

Here, at last, is a sample of the contents. To the right, you’ll find a piece of James McLean’s concept art that will appear in the finished product.

Now, naturally we don’t want to give too much away, and one or two items are subject to change, but we’re pretty sure you’re going to enjoy:

  • In the Shed
  • Doctor Who and the Curse of the Videogames
  • Audio Club
  • Our exclusive Crash of the Elysium feature
  • A very special - and fascinating - interview
  • Recreating Classic FX
  • Plus lots more!

This is only a small sample of what is in store for readers of the magazine, the pricing and dispatch details of which will be announced at a later date.

We’ve also obfuscated some of the items above, which we’ll be releasing details on as we get nearer to publication.

As things stand, we don’t require any contributors for issue 1, only your support.We need you to share this news item, join our Kasterborous Magazine Facebook group and generally get as excited about this as we are!

We’re intending that this should be the ultimate bible for Doctor Who fans - rather than being a print version of the website you’re reading, it should stand on its own two feet, and this can only be achieved (we think) by reflecting the activities of fans, sharing what goes on in the worlds of Doctor Who cosplay, prop building, gaming, audios and books, live events and more!

Kasterborous Magazine isn’t about mimicking other mags - it’s about YOU.

We’ll have more details soon!

Doctor Who Collector’s Jigsaw

A Doctor Who jigsaw celebrating 50 years of time travel

An English tradition once designed to teach that now entertains millions with its thrills. No it’s not Doctor Who; it’s Jigsaws! Jigsaws of Doctor Who! A Doctor Who jigsaw!

This Doctor Who Jigsaw!

Released just in time for the new series this Ravensburger collector’s edition 1000 piece Doctor Who puzzle is designed to show off the Doctor’s deadliest foes including: the Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and the Master.

Made from premium cardboard and measuring 70 x 50cm this puzzle will look fantastic once completed – perhaps ‘something to consider gluing and framing for your wall’.

So why not pass the empty hours between now and 1st September with the thrill of assembly!

Ravensburger Doctor Who Collector’s Edition Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces) is available now from Amazon for £10.67.

SFX Doctor Who World Exclusive

Doctor Who features in the new SFX #226In a world exclusive SFX quizzes head-honcho Steven Moffat on what we can expect from this year’s thrilling season of Doctor Who.

Up for discussion are dinosaurs, Daleks, the departure of Amy and what lies in store for the 50th anniversary.

In a bumper issue – which comes with this stylish cover of the eleventh Doctor being photo-bombed by a fleet of Daleks – comes a 24-page TV preview Mini-Mag covering the best of what’s on the box from both sides of the Atlantic, interviews with the cast and crew from upcoming blockbusters such as ParaNorman, The Hobbit and Twilight, and a ‘groovy’ retrospective on Evil Dead II.

SFX 226 is available now from all good retail outlets, via the Apple Newsstand and – for all you Android or PC users - via Zinio.

Anniversary Monopoly: The Final Design?

Doctor Who Monopoly: 50th Anniversary Edition

You may have looked at last week’s report on the Doctor Who Monopoly: 50th Anniversary Edition set and thought: ‘you know, if only the board was slightly different – then I’d snap that bad boy up in a heartbeat!’

Well ponder no more my hypothetical friend with too much money on their hands, because (yes!) the board in the previous article was nothing but a clever ruse!

Those wily brains at Winning Moves just wanted you to think it wasn’t very good in order to make this one seem better by comparison!

Now behold! The final design for the Fiftieth Anniversary set complete with: More space! A different logo! (which I’m hoping isn’t the official anniversary logo) and pretty much the same Doctor poses just rearranged in a slightly more appealing way (Sixth Doctor fans, sorry, you still get ‘tiny headed, frowny faced’ Doctor)

The Doctor Who: Monopoly 50th Anniversary set is available now to pre-order for release on the 28th August for £26.99.

Doctor Who Monopoly: 50th Anniversary Edition

Is This Toy a Spoiler?

 It’s unlikely, we know, but could this relatively innocent-looking toy be a major plot spoiler for Doctor Who Series 7?

Available from Forbidden Planet now (dispatch begins on August 20th), the Doctor Who: Electronic Q.L.A. Anti-Time Device is just £19.99. But spoilerphobes might wonder if that is a price worth paying for the following:
[spoiler title=”Anti-Time Spoiler”]

Doctor Who: Electronic Q.L.A. Anti-Time DeviceAfter the Doctor disappeared, the Cybermen and Daleks went to war across the universe. And on each world they destroyed they left in their wake, Stone Angels, picking over the dead and dying.

But the Cleric army fought back and scoured the dead worlds left after the wars, looking for the wreckage of Daleks, Cybermen, and broken Angels to create a hugely powerful ‘anti-time’ device. A device part Dalek, part Cyber technology and used the Quantum signature from the Angel to trigger a Gateway to pull enemies into the time Vortex…. Erasing them from Time completely.


What do you think - spoiler or a brilliantly conceived piece of back story for a basic toy gun? Don’t you just love the Cyber-handle butt?

Doctor Who: Electronic Q.L.A. Anti-Time Device

Doctor Who Monopoly: 50th Anniversary Edition

Don’t be fooled by his happy countenance and whimsical facial hair; that Rich Uncle Pennybags offering to take your hand and drag you into the magical world of foreclosure on the box of the THIRD Doctor Who: Monopoly set is offering you nothing more than heartache and regret.

No, unlike his iconic counterpart, who clasped Rose’s hand as he took her on a magical, wonderful journey across time and space; all you’ll receive from old Pennybags sweaty palms is a trip to a hastily assembled, poorly conceived world of missed opportunities.

You might be thinking: “How hard is it to create a halfway decent Doctor Who: Monopoly set?”

All you have to do is make the playing pieces iconic Doctor Who props, include the odd obscure reference in the community chest cards to keep the die-hard fans happy and don’t overthink it; after all if the Pandorica is a prison, then make it the jail.

Job done, pass go and collect 200 credits.

A 50th Anniversary edition of Monopoly for Doctor Who Fans!

Well we’ve never won 2nd prize at a beauty contest but were sure that just slapping a picture of the Doctor on your dad’s old Monopoly board is a bit of an insult to the licence.

So in a characteristic last throw of the dice Winning Moves are set to release a fiftieth anniversary Doctor Who: Monopoly Set in a move that’s either going to solve all these problems or just offend fans of both the classic and new series in one foul swoop.

This is more than likely an item that is going to sell very well indeed over the next couple of years, featuring all eleven Doctors, favourite companions, and special Time Lord-themed pieces!

The jail and the Go! Square are still the same (perhaps fans of “Jake the Jailbird” and “Officer Edgar Mallory” will kick off) and while using the TARDISes as the Railway squares make sense; the logic unravels when it comes to other spaces (Why would you have to pay for the Sonic Screwdriver? Does the Doctor really have to pay Car Tax?) (Um, Bessie? - Ed)

Some thought has gone into the set as well: instead of representing a particular borough of London, the colours now represent one of the Doctors foes; so for the green squares it’s the Daleks and three iconic episodes from the shows history while the red squares represent the Master.

It’s not rocket science but then neither is a Doctor Who Monopoly set.

As amateur consumer advice experts Status Quo once said; “You pay your money, you take your choice” and in this case be prepared to pay quite a bit.

The Limited Edition (5000 copies) Doctor Who: Monopoly Fiftieth Edition set is available to pre-order now from Forbidden Planet for £26.99 to be released 28th August.

Daleks are coming to Monopoly for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary!

More Ultimate Doctor Who Art Auction!

Ever wondered what would happen if a TARDIS and a Dalek merged? Well you can wonder no more as writer James Moran has kindly drawn a prototype picture of what such a creature might actually look like!

Moran, well known for writing Doctor Who episode The Fires of Pompeii as well as two Torchwood episodes is one of the many creative minds that have donated their drawings to part of a huge charity event called The Ultimate Doctor Who art auction.

Not only will Moran’s unique (and signed) piece be available to bid on but there are also some other very special drawings that you might want to try and get your hands on including a picture of the TARDIS drawn by Sylvester McCoy himself, a self portrait of the Inquisitor from 1986’s The Trial of a Time Lord drawn by Lynda Bellingham and even a picture drawn by the late Caroline John.

These wonderful items will be available to bidders in July 2012 and all the proceeds will be given over to various charities of the organisers choosing.

If you head over to fundraiser Twelveby12’s website (he explains the name once you’re there) you will be able to see some of the fantastic work that he has done as well as his plans for the future. This man has done a lot and helped raise an incredible amount for charity so if you haven’t seen his work, get over there and see it now!

Biff Bang Bobble Heads!

Biff Bang Pow Announce Classic Doctor Who Bobble Head Toys

Breaking out the collectables Jason Lenzi, C.E.O & Founder of Biff Bang Pow Toys has been showing off their Doctor Who Fiftieth Anniversary wares at this year’s San Diego Comic Con in an interview video for G4TV – and it’s not all bobble heads!

Alongside exhibiting last year’s pieces Biff Bang Pow have added two new figures to their retro line; an 8 inch, fully articulated and in retro fabric, duel pack containing Sutekth the Destroyer from the Pyramids of Mars and Leela from The Face of Evil, which for all of us not currently in San Diego will be available in November 2012.

Also coming in November, it’s a retro 8 inch Dalek model ‘grounded in the Genesis of the Daleks serial’.

Video Games - E3 2012

Both this and the retro figures are subject to licensor approval.

Thinking a little outside of the (toy) box, what better way to usher in the anniversary than with eleven pint glasses modelled on the distinctive dress sense of each Doctor? Better still, well then how about Dalek and TARDIS tumblers?

Funky Doctor Who Paper Toys

Amazing new paper Doctor Who caricature figures

Once in a while a brand of Doctor Who merchandise comes along that’s just too… cute to ignore and with a new range of paper toys that includes monsters and different incarnations of our favourite Time Lord, that’s exactly what’s happened!

Ryan Hall has designed a tremendous range of handmade 3D toys for you to purchase that would make an ideal gift for any Doctor Who fan or, quite frankly, anyone with a love for quirky shelf trophies.

The newest range from Hall is of the Fourth Doctor, looking suitably moody and flanked by a Cyberman, a Dalek, a Sontaran and his missus the TARDIS. But the range doesn’t stop there; look a little closer and you’ll also see a rather angry looking Sixth Doctor with a rather bald Peri, Sarah Jane Smith in her Ealing attic, the Eighth Doctor in his gargantuan console room alongside an earlier incarnation of the Master, and the Eleventh Doctor (with a wonderful swirly thing emanating from his sonic screwdriver) alongside Amy and Rory.

Other incarnations and characters include the Seventh Doctor and Ace on the run from a very innocent looking Dalek, the Tenth Doctor (complete with 3D glasses a la Army of Ghosts), the Second Doctor at his beloved TARDIS console, the Third Doctor and Jo facing off against an Ice Warrior, the Fifth Doctor and Adric changing the events of Earthshock by facing off against a Cyberman together, the Ninth Doctor and Captain Jack standing outside an ominous looking shop window and even the First Doctor standing outside I.M. Foreman’s junkyard, where the whole story started almost fifty years ago. Now that’s a lot of hard work! They also come in some brilliantly inventive packaging as well!

Other popular characters from the He-Man and Star Wars Universe are also available. Ryan Hall’s work has been part of many a display, especially around the city of Cardiff in the Made in Wales exhibition.

To find out more about his work or to purchase one of his creations, visit: http://dougy74.wordpress.com/

Dalek Ship and Silent’s Time Machine Out Soon!

Two new Character Building sets will be released this month: the Dalek ship and the Silent’s Time Machine.

The Dalek ship will hit shelves on 10th July, and features moveable exterior and interior, laser cannons and a transparent dome. Two bronze RTD-era micro-figure Daleks are also included, as well as a detachable ‘skimmer car’ - essentially, it a flying platform from which Daleks can exterminate. Which is nice, don’t you think?

Sarcasm aside, it’s a pretty cool set, designed for the kids within us all. But it’s the grown-ups that have to fork out £29.99. Still, it’s bound to be sold in droves in preparation for the Dalek’s return to screens in Asylum of the Daleks.

The Silent’s Time Machine set includes:

“Control room with control panels, control interface chair with connector cables & two Silent micro-figures.”

The model, Forbidden Planet states, comes from The Impossible Astronaut, but it was first seen on Aickman Road, above Craig’s flat in The Lodger (2010) - and it’s somewhat reminiscent of the Eighth Doctor’s TARDIS. The mystery of their time machine has yet to be resolved; could it have appeared in Amy’s house, as fans are speculating after Matt Smith revealed that Amy and Rory’s exit ties in with The Eleventh Hour?

You can get your hands on the Time Machine when it’s released on 28th July. Though it might not actually help you travel in time and space. Especially as it’s only £19.99.