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PodKast with an Asylum!

Brian Terranova gets close to Amy PondThis week in the Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”) we focus on Brian Terranova’s experiences at the Asylum of the Daleks preview in New York”.

With stories and recollections from the event, Brian tells us everything we need to know about this potentially triumphant return for the Daleks, without giving anything away at all!

In addition, we have a chat about Pond Life and also summarise Steven Moffat’s recent comments concerning Doctor Who scheduling and iPlayer.


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A PodKast with Speculation!

It’s podKast time again, and this week Brian Terranova, Christian Cawley and James McLean are taking a wider view of recent news and events, including some cosplay competition success for Brian, a recent viewing of The War Machines for Christian and thoughts on John Simm vs Derek Jacobi as the Master for James.

You won’t be surprised to learn that there is some Series 7 speculation in there too, mainly concerning the broadcast date. At the time of recording we still didn’t know about the most likely (but yet to be confirmed) date, so forgive us for our calendar musings at the back end of the discussion.


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A Mary Tamm PodKast

Doctor Who fans were left aghast recently at the sad loss of the original Romana, Mary Tamm, who died aged just 62. A few days later, character actor and one-time guest on the show (Trial of a Time Lord conclusion The Ultimate Foe) Geoffrey Hughes, known to millions as Coronation Street's Eddie Yates and Keeping Up Appearances' Onslow, also died.

As such, our latest podKast begins on a sad note, building up to an interesting chat about the Key to Time season, the way fandom reacts to the death of Doctor Who stars and we even give some thought as to how a Cyberman version of Asylum of the Daleks (basically every Cyberman ever in one episode) might work.

This week it’s Christian Cawley and James McLean on podKast duty, so sit back, press play or hit the download button and enjoy!


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Time Leech is Back On Sale!

The Time Leech, by Christian Cawley, Brian Terranova, Justin Abbot and Rick Lundeen
It’s taken a few months to sort out, from formatting to printing and dispatch, but we’re delighted to announce that the Time Leech is now back on sale!

With just four months remaining before Children in Need, we’re making our charity comic book Time Leech available to purchase once again, this time with a slightly revised price structure.

From this point, the price is as follows:

UK buyers: £4.99 + £1.99 p&p
International: £10.99 + £1.99 p&p
E-book: £0.99

These new prices reflect the change in packing and postage/shipping since we launched the fundraiser, but long-running readers will know that the pre-order offer was always going to be increased once copies shipped.

If you have been looking forward to your copy of the Time Leech, then use the PayPal button below!

UK or International

Here’s the option for the eBook:

EBook Version

If you were fortunate enough to take the pre-order option, then you’ll have saved yourself a couple of quid!

Funds raised from the Time Leech book will be split between Children in Need and the AICR, a cancer charity of which David Tennant is patron.

We’ll have a few special copies of Time Leech available over the coming months, so stay tuned!

PodKast with an Elysium

A little later than intended, it’s time for the Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”), in which Christian Cawley, Brian Terranova and James McLean discuss a selection of Doctor Who-related subjects!

Starting off with James’ review of The Crash of the Elysium, we also cover the recent San Diego Comic-Con appearances of the series’ key personnel as well as mulling over what sort of questions we would ask our favourite stars in such a situation. There is also plenty of time to discuss the new look for the Eighth Doctor which has made the transition from New Zealand convention photo to Big Finish cover image!


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The Season 7 Celebration PodKast

The Autons invade in Spearhead from Space!

In honour of the late Caroline John, this week’s Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”) focuses almost completely (with a quick mention of Daleks and asylums) on Season 7, the make-or-break series from 1970 starring Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor, John as Dr Liz Shaw and Nick Courtney as the legendary Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart.

This week, it’s just James McLean and Christian Cawley, but don’t let the absence of regular Brian Terranova put you off…


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Oh yes you can!

Let us know if you have any thoughts of your own on this Season 7 or Caroline John!

PodKast with a Dark Dimension

Doctor Who: The Dark DimensionBack in 1993, Doctor Who fans were tempted with an early reprieve to the show’s cancellation two years earlier when BBC Enterprises entered into an agreement to start production on a straight-to-video 30th anniversary special, The Dark Dimension (aka Lost in the Dark Dimension).

Over the  years Doctor Who fans have been lead to believe that the eventually-cancelled project was scuppered by Philip Segal, producer of the 1996 TV Movie.

However recent research published in fanzine (a term that does the publication a disservice) Nothing at the End of the Lane reveals that Segal has at best overstated his role. The real story behind The Dark Dimension is one of bad decision making, poor budgeting and almost no communication with the key people involved, resulting in a production that almost literally crumbled.

It is this research that forms the basis of our discussion this week, along with a few words about the possibility of Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch playing the Master in the upcoming 50th anniversary season.


We’ve only scraped the surface of this fascinating story, and you can read the full fascinating details behind the failed production in the latest edition of Nothing at the End of the Lane, which you can order for just £5.99 from endofthelane.co.uk/magazine.html.

PodKast with Handlebars

With the news of a Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover series from IDW, we decided to have a look in depth at the Cybermen and how we felt they had been handled by various producers over the years.

Referencing everything from Tenth Planet to Earthshock, Rise of the Cybermen to Closing Time, we attempt to establish where the Cybermen have gone wrong - if at all.


After all, the Borg could be described as being “Cybermen done right” - they aren’t basic storm troopers and have a fascinating, developed back story, something largely ignored in the case of Cybermen.

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PodKast with a Fanboy Hope

Last wek we brought you the astonishing showreel of John Guilor, a voice artist whose recent work has including reproducing the voices of several former Doctors.

So amazing was this news that we naturally decided to dedicate an entire podKast (with a “K”) to the news and its implications (apart from the bit when we talk about Sophia Myles…)


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Right, here’s that great clip again of voice artist John Guilor. You can also catch it early on in the podKast.


A very big thanks, incidentally, to James McLean who kindly devotes his time to editing together our ramblings, adding sound effects and generally making sure the podKast is available every week!

Incidentally, we haven’t seen Brian since he went travelling towards the end of the this podKast - can anyone help?

The PodKast (not) On Location!

To make up for the disastrous non-appearance of last week’s Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”) we’ve brought you our latest ramblings a little earlier this time around as we discuss the fascinating topic of locations in Doctor Who.

It was our own Brian Terranova who noticed that since the modern show was first unveiled in 2005, few classically British locations have been used in the series in a way that reveals their intended purpose, allowing us to wax lyrical about The Daemons, The Android Invasion, Black Orchid and many other classic serials.


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