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Sep 04

Asylum Of The Daleks Recapped!

So, Asylum Of The Daleks, eh? What’s that all about then? If only somebody could provide a useful recap to tell you…

Lured to the original planet of the Daleks by a distress call from one Darla Von Karlsen, the Doctor swiftly works out that he’s been lured into trap. Once he figures it out, a Dalek eyestalk and gun emerge from Darla’s body and the Doctor is shot.

Fortunately, not only is he not dead, but the maritally-challenged Amy and Rory have been captured by similar methods and all three are now in rather a lot of trouble.

See, they’ve been captured by the Daleks, who take up the unusual chant of “Save the Daleks!” and fire the Doctor and co at a planet containing the Asylum of the Daleks (after giving them protective wristbands), from whence is coming an unusual signal; a song from Carmen…

On the surface, they find the remains of a downed ship (the Alaska) and the remains of her crew. Surprisingly, they promptly turn into more of the pseudo-Roboman Dalek puppets seen earlier. It turns out that happens to anyone who stays there too long due to the Nano Cloud (nanogenes, making a return from The Empty Child) without the protection of wristbands. Shockingly, the Dalek puppets took Amy’s off her wrist.

Keeping his wristband very firmly on his wrist is Rory, who got separated from the others upon landing and is now right in the middle of the Dalek asylum. He accidentally wakes them up (in a chilling scene) and is guided to safety by Oswin Oswald’s voice on the intercom while the Doctor and Amy make their way to them. Along the way, the Nano Cloud infection causes Amy to go a tiny bit mental; she sees dancing ballerinas and people dressed up, when they’re actually the insane Daleks having a ball.

Once Amy and Rory are reunited after an incident with a self-destructing Dalek, they still have to keep Amy loved-up, so the Doctor leaves them alone while he goes to retrieve Oswin (played, in what must be one of the best-kept secrets of Nu Who, by new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman). This presents the Ponds with an all-too-convenient chance to solve their marital difficulties (in which Rory brings up the perfectly valid point that he loves her more than she loves him). This whole plotline is possibly cleared up much too quickly and is symbolic of the whole “fairytale relationship” aspect of the Ponds’ marriage.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Doctor has to go through what passes for the Dalek equivalent of Intensive Care. This naturally terrifies the living [Kaled - Language Ed] out of him and he hammers on Oswin’s door, begging to be let in. After a while, she does, seemingly delaying merely to delete all information on him from the telepathic database of the Daleks. Once he’s in, his problems are just beginning. Because Oswin is a Dalek herself - the end stage of the process seen earlier with the Dalek puppets.

Jenna Louise Coleman as Clara Oswin in Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks

This is rather troublesome to say the least; obviously the Doctor can’t take an insane Dalek back with him (albeit a Dalek that used to be human - Oswin was one of the former crewmembers of the Alaska, a genius working as a Junior Entertainment Manager). And Oswin, upon realising the truth of her situation, almost immediately tries to kill the Doctor. She backs down at the last minute, and turns off the force-field. Since that’s the only thing stopping the Dalek ship in orbit from blowing up the planet, it’s probably best that the Doctor and company get out of there sharpish.

Taking advantage of the teleporter that Amy and Rory have been standing on for the last several minutes after having resolved their marital difficulties with a quick discussion (too quick if you ask us), they beam back onto the Dalek spaceship…right into the TARDIS. This rather neatly gets round the difficulty of beaming back onto the ship without getting shot on sight (the Daleks were hoping the Doctor would be taken out with the planet, see) and serves to antagonise them further by serving them with a mystery (since their collective memory was erased, all they see is a mysterious stranger teleporting aboard and taunting them).

This leaves the Daleks repeating Dorium Maldovar’s mantra: “DOC-TOR WHO? DOC-TOR WHO?” and once he’s dropped Amy and Rory off home, the Doctor starts chanting it in jubilation, marvelling at the new power this gives him over the Daleks. Fade out…

Next week: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship!

Sep 01

Kasterborous Magazine Cover Art Revealed!

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan Tom MacRae, John Guilor and Dalek Building in Kasterborous Magazine Issue 1!First, we hinted about the Kasterborous Magazine. You scratched your heads.

Then, we told you what was in it. You dropped your jaw.

Today, we reveal the cover art. You will wet your pants!

We’re currently putting the finishing touches to what is clearly the most audacious Kasterborous project yet, and as you can see by the striking image on the right, one of the main draws and the one we’re most excited about is an interview by Elton Townend-Jones with his friend John Guilor!

Gracing the cover, Guilor - he voices the First Doctor in the new Planet of Giants DVD reconstruction - is one of those rarities, a Doctor Who fan who actually gets to play the Time Lord, thanks to his striking vocal abilities.

We’re still a little bit away from issuing a confirmed final run-down of the contents, but we can promise you convention reports, the first part of a look at the world of Doctor Who video games and even get you started on the path to building your own Dalek as we kick-off our enthusiast-centric In The Shed series.

You might even find a few words from some extremely famous time travellers inside…

To celebrate the release of this flipping ace new cover (you can tell we’re excited, can’t you?) we’re opening the project to pre-orders. As things stand this is a 50 page magazine, with some recent additions likely to push that total up.

As a result the following button is an opportunity to get in early with a low price purchase of just £4.99 (plus £1.99 package and posting).

Electronic versions of Kasterborous Magazine #1 will be made available, we’ll update you as to when and how these can be ordered.

Matt Smith: The Thin White Duke

Matt Smith's Admiration for David Bowie is Personified in Empire MagazineDoing his best Thin White Duke impression Matt Smith has been channelling glam legend David Bowie in a recent photo shoot for Empire magazine’s massive Winter TV Preview.

Embodying Ziggy himself Matt told Empire:

"I’m a huge Bowie fan. I loved the Olympic Opening Ceremony because I thought, ‘How amazing, the plethora and heritage of music we have. Incredible! Wonderful!’"

Something else incredible and wonderful is the new series of Doctor Who which amongst its many ch-ch-changes includes the arrival of Jenna-Louise Coleman, whose arrival has given Matt new insight into the Doctor:

“He’s endless, he’s boundless, he’s limitless! He constantly allows you to reinvent him. That’s what’s interesting about this year. It’s about what a new companion reveals in him.”

Sharing his love for this Space Oddity Matt added:

“It’s like a Shakespearian tragedy, Doctor Who. There’s a theatre to it. Because every day you’re either facing the end of the world, or the loss of the person you love most, or the invasion of the most appalling creature or alien that you can ever imagine. But in the face of that tragedy there is also comedy. It’s about adventure.”

Asked about the mid-season climax, where once again the Doctor comes face to face with the Weeping Angels and bids farewell to the Ponds (all New York in a city where it’s hard to be a saint):

"It’s terribly exciting because they’re my favourite monster and it’s one of my favourite cities. If I had my way I’d shoot the whole thing in New York."

The full interview and photo shoot appears in this month’s Empire available now from all good retailers.

All of this makes us wonder, of course, if Matt is aware with Bowie’s own connection with Doctor Who - back in1983 he was offered the role of Sharaz Jek in Caves of Androzani, while of course Water of Mars' Bowie Base One was named after the rock legend.

Doctor Who returns to screens this evening with Asylum of the Daleks at 7.20pm on BBC One and BBC HD and at 9/8c on BBC America.

Buy Your Own 4th Doctor Scarf From Forbidden Planet!

Buy your own Doctor Who Scarf for Authentic Cosplaying Fun!Are you not one of the few Doctor Who fans lucky enough to own a hand-knitted or extortionately priced replica of perhaps one of the most famous scarves in history?

Then fret no more! Now you can pre-order a replica of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf (his original, brighter one, that is) from the good folks at Forbidden Planet.

It’s 12 feet long - 13 if you have the tassles with it (neither are as long as one of the original scarves, which reached 24 feet long at one point!). You may want to use it to recreate those moments from the classic series such as when the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith tripped Eldrad down a chasm, or when the Doctor needed something to measure the length of a puzzle.

The scarf costs £49.99 and ships from 1st October, and we know it would make a nice Christmas present when that time of year rolls around again. Yours won’t be knitted by that witty little knitter Madame Nostradamus herself, of course, but it’s still a pretty nifty little number!

Aug 31

Arthur Darvill Graces Gay Times Cover

October’s issue of Gay Times is out soon, and features Arthur Darvill on the cover and in an exclusive interview with the magazine.

Arthur Darvill is the Gay Times Cover Star for October 2012It turns out that this is Arthur’s first proper fashion shoot and he gives GT exclusive highlights of his series finale and what lies ahead for the never-ending Rory…

[quote]Arthur spills on working with the Daleks:

“It feels right, it’s really easy to forget that you’re doing Doctor Who, because you’re just kind of doing it, but then I turn up to work and there’s loads of Daleks everywhere. It’s like, oh, right, this is what I imagined it would be like. I’ve had quite a few where I’ve started talking to them and you realise there’s not actually anyone in it, I’m just talking to a piece of plastic…”

On leaving Doctor Who at the same time as co-star Karen Gillan:

“I think the worst thing to do would be to outstay your welcome on a thing like this. We were both very keen to do a really good chunk of time on it and get the best out of it that we could. We’re pushing it to a peak and then we’ll leave it there.”

Arthur’s finale:

“It’s amazing, when we were discussing how we were leaving, Steven [Moffat, producer and head honcho] just said, “you’re going to go out on a bang.” And it’s more than that, it’s brilliant. The last scene we did properly was – it was really nice actually – it was the three of us going into the TARDIS at the end of an episode.”[/quote]

This is just a hint of the full interview, which can be found in the October issue of GT which is on sale Wednesday 5 September and available to download digitally from the App Store and Android Market/Google Play.

Aug 30

What if the Doctor Used a Nokia Lumia 900?

[caption id=”attachment_125060” align=”alignright” width=”465”]The TARDIS-esque Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone Does this phone remind you of anything?[/caption]

Nok Nok, a website dedicated to all things Nokia have asked the question; the ultimate question, the question hidden in plain sight: What smartphone would the Doctor use?

Unsurprisingly, (as far as they’re concerned) it’s a Nokia.

More specifically it’s the Nokia Lumia 900 – a Windows phone whose ‘tile’ system bares more than a passing resemblance to the panel on the TARDIS doors.

Now, rather than dedicating an entire television series arch to unfolding said question and then a further series to answer it Nok Nok have instead listed the reason why the Doctor would pick a Windows phone over an Android, Apple or even an open source operating system.

Firstly there are the specifications; what better way to check out facts about the myriad planets and time zones the Doctor visits than with a 4:3-inch screen? Exploring the planet and learning about individual customs yourself? No!

And don’t forget the eight megapixel camera with the new excellent Nokia Camera Extras – including the fabulous the Panorama app!

Now, it’s well documented that the Doctor has a habit of getting lost or arriving at the wrong time or location but with Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps, the Doctor will have no excuse for his enchanting, magical unplanned trips to untold wonders and will instead become punctual – which is way more exciting, I think you’ll agree.

As with most smartphone, it’s all about the apps and the Doctor has plenty to choose from:

“For example, the Sonic Screwdriver may be as iconic as the good Doctor’s TARDIS but in this age where everything is being integrated into your smartphone, having a virtual Sonic Screwdriver is just as good.”

Which it almost certainly isn’t…

“Options are available to mute the Sonic Screwdriver sound, have a loop instead of repeating endlessly and to stop the vibration of the Sonic Screwdriver.”

Because what the Doctor needs most is a less annoying life saving device like say, his actual screwdriver.

With Series 7 imminent we’re about to see a whole host of the Doctor’s greatest foes grace our screens once again with Asylum of the Daleks, so what better time to for the Doctor to download the Dalek Soundboard – which plays a raft of Dalek sounds from various incarnations to defend himself in oddly specific situations.

For more on the Nokia Lumia 900 and more Doctor Who apps head over to Nok Nok.

(And yes, we’re well aware that the Doctor is far more likely to use a device running an open-source operating system… it’s fun to see that so many tenuous links to the show are cropping up to earn some coin though, isn’t it?)

Aug 29

PodKast with an Asylum!

Brian Terranova gets close to Amy PondThis week in the Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”) we focus on Brian Terranova’s experiences at the Asylum of the Daleks preview in New York”.

With stories and recollections from the event, Brian tells us everything we need to know about this potentially triumphant return for the Daleks, without giving anything away at all!

In addition, we have a chat about Pond Life and also summarise Steven Moffat’s recent comments concerning Doctor Who scheduling and iPlayer.


As always, along with the player above, you can subscribe to our RSS feed (a popular way of keeping track of and automatically downloading podcasts) and you will find the podKast listed on iTunes!

You can also use the player in the top of the right sidebar.

If you would have any thoughts or responses to this week’s topic, or would like to contribute to future recordings with topic ideas or comments, you can do so by leaving your comments below or dropping us a line via the Contact Us page.

Series 7 Previews in DWM 451!

Doctor Who Magazine Previews Series 7aDoctor Who Magazine issue 451, published on Thursday 30 August, features exclusive previews of the new series of Doctor Who – and the show’s executive producer, Steven Moffat, teases the ultimate fate of the Ponds:

[quote]“As you’ll be able to tell from the end of Episode 5, I’ve had the very last moment of Amy Pond in my head for quite some time…”[/quote]

Available in three different covers (as seen here - click to view in a larger resolution), the new issue of DWM previews three episodes of the new series, going behind the scenes to talk to cast and crew…

ASYLUM OF THE DALEKS – DWM takes over the Asylum for Doctor Who's most ambitious episode yet. Matt Smith shares his thoughts on the Doctor’s arch enemies, Steven Moffat on the challenges of keeping the Daleks fresh and how Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill feel about the beginning of the end for Amy and Rory.

DINOSAURS ON A SPACESHIP – it’s an episode of Doctor Who packed to the rafters with dinosaurs. On a spaceship! Writer Chris Chibnall reveals how his script lived up to that title, and what challenges did the FX team face on bringing so many dinosaurs to life?

A TOWN CALLED MERCY – guest stars Adrian Scarborough and Ben Browder on how thrilled they were to join Doctor Who for an adventure into the Wild West, how the crew enjoyed their time on location in sunny Spain, and what writer Toby Whithouse thought of being out of his comfort zone.


THE USUAL SUSPECTS – the writers of the new series are given the once over by Doctor Who’s executive producer, Steven Moffat (including himself!) in a curtain-raising Production Notes.

Doctor Who Magazine Previews Series 7aGUILTY AS CHARGED? – John Nathan-Turner was Doctor Who’s most colourful and controversial producer, guiding the show to dizzying heights, but perhaps a few lows too. Luminaries and experts from Doctor Who past and present assemble for the first in a two-part feature to assess the work of the series’ longest-serving producer in The Trial of John Nathan-Turner.

COLD FRONT – the Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in Prague in the dying days of the Cold War. Revolution is on the horizon, but the Doctor senses something unreal in the air. What is the significance of the book The Sorrows of Prague, and why will Yuri Azarov and his terrifying companion stop at nothing to retrieve it? Part One of The Broken Man, the latest comic strip written by Scott Gray with art from Martin Geraghty.

IS THIS DEATH? – companions come and go, but should they ever die? Johnny Candon and Toby Hadoke weigh up the pros and cons of crash-landing to Earth in an out-of-control freighter, or heading off into the sunset to marry Brian Blessed in A Battle of Wits.

TAKE ART – DWM’s intrepid Time Team – Chris, Emma, Michael and Will – go for gold as the Doctor and Rose land in an ordinary housing estate where extraordinary things are happening as children are going missing, trapped in the drawings of Chloe Webber. Will the Doctor make it to the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics as The Time Team views Fear Her?

Doctor Who Magazine Previews Series 7aCOMING OF AGE ­– Doctor Who’s 21st year saw a season packed with exciting cliff-hangers, companion departures, a tour de force performance from the leading man, andarguably the finest Doctor Who story ever made. Countdown to 50 reaches 1984 and Series 21.

ALL IN THE MIND – mind-sucking alien parasites, prison riots, a nerve-gas missile and the Master at his most scheming – find out how the Third Doctor, Jo and UNIT fought The Mind of Evil in this month’s Fact of Fiction.

LIGHT MY FIRE – the Watcher warns of the pitfalls of predicting the near future as A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects reaches number 22 – the Olympic Torch. Was the 2012 of Fear Her remotely like the real thing? Also stare into the eyes of The Six Faces of Delusion, flick through The Stockbridge English Dictionary and marvel at the Supporting Artist of the Month in Wotcha!

With a choice of THREE different covers, DWM 451 is on sale from Thursday 30 August, priced £4.50.

Aug 28

Kasterborous Magazine is Coming - And It’s All About YOU

Ah, you loyal, wonderful Kasterborous readers. From time to time we make some mad hints, we tease you, and fortunately only about half of you email us asking what in the blazes we’re talking about.

It could be much worse, and certainly our recent hints about a Kasterborous Magazine have got quite a few people excited. But what on earth is going on? How can a website such as Kasterborous consider spreading its wings into a publishing project of this kind?

Kasterborous Magazine is coming...Well, it all started with a chat with Vworp Vworp! editor Gareth Kavanagh, who had long believed we could spread out into a magazine-style project. After much research and brainstorming, it struck me that there was scope for a particular type of article that was too in-depth for the website - not the sort of thing that you might consider disposable.

So, with this in mind, we set about creating a contents list for a potential magazine. I headed back down to Manchester to chat with Gareth, who was very enthusiastic about the format!

Because, dear reader, it may surprise you to know this, but there are several Doctor Who themed magazines and fanzines in production. From the obvious DWM all the way down to the smallest PDF fanzine, all manner of topics are covered.

But not quite like this.

What we have put together is, essentially, both a full Doctor Who magazine and a Doctor Who fanzine. If you like, it is a magazine about fans - so what better description could it have than “fanzine”?

Here, at last, is a sample of the contents. To the right, you’ll find a piece of James McLean’s concept art that will appear in the finished product.

Now, naturally we don’t want to give too much away, and one or two items are subject to change, but we’re pretty sure you’re going to enjoy:

This is only a small sample of what is in store for readers of the magazine, the pricing and dispatch details of which will be announced at a later date.

We’ve also obfuscated some of the items above, which we’ll be releasing details on as we get nearer to publication.

As things stand, we don’t require any contributors for issue 1, only your support.We need you to share this news item, join our Kasterborous Magazine Facebook group and generally get as excited about this as we are!

We’re intending that this should be the ultimate bible for Doctor Who fans - rather than being a print version of the website you’re reading, it should stand on its own two feet, and this can only be achieved (we think) by reflecting the activities of fans, sharing what goes on in the worlds of Doctor Who cosplay, prop building, gaming, audios and books, live events and more!

Kasterborous Magazine isn’t about mimicking other mags - it’s about YOU.

We’ll have more details soon!

Aug 25

New Dalek Desk Defender!

Distract Yourself at Work with Desktop Dalek Patrol!Tired of not being able to exterminate your boss while you slave away in a cubicle-dwelling 9-5 job?

Now you can get the Dalek Desk Defender, who will take care of any unwanted visitors to your desk once you’ve plugged it into your nearest USB slot (fortunately it won’t actually exterminate them). It lights up, makes noises and wheels around your work surface.

Of course, it’s restricted in its movement by the length of the USB cable but we’re assured that it’s long enough to take care of most of your needs. And it won’t be able to leave your desk should it decide to go on a rampage.

It comes with an in-built motion sensor that works anywhere from 6 to 9 feet away depending on the lighting. Of course, this does mean that it will most likely start making a racket when you come back to your own desk to turn the thing off.

A pretty nifty gadget, wouldn’t you say? You’d have to decide for yourself whether the $39.99 (£25.27, or £23.37 from Amazon!) outlay is worth it, of course, but look at it.

How can you say no to that?